Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cumin & Mustard Seed Roasted Potatoes

Cumin & Mustard Seed Roasted Potatoes

There is no meaningful or nostalgic story behind this recipe. It's the kind of recipe that falls under the category of "I just woke up, it's Saturday, I drank too much wine last night, I really don't want to put on real pants...I need carbs."

And considering my roommates and I recently bottled 30 bottles of sauvignon blanc...our Saturdays have been filled with more carbs than usual. Pancakes, homefries...tortilla chips.

I'm almost always the first one up on Saturday, probably because of my need to make breakfast happen sooner rather than later (even if you're serving it just after noon, it still counts as breakfast!).

The morning usually goes something like this:
Stare at clock blearily and realize it's 7:30 am. Feel immense sadness. Realize it's Saturday. Feel immense joy. Sleep.

Roll over, see the clock, notice that it's 10 am. Fall out of bed.

Shower, hopefully without falling over.

Put pj pants back on.

Make coffee. Consume. Feel human again.

Locate carbs. Make breakfast.
It was on such a weekend that these roasted potatoes happened. I'd had discovered a week previous that homefries are much more labour intensive than any weekend breakfast ever should be. Parboiling, frying, frying...frying...still frying...frying without hope...I was not impressed. But roasted potatoes - now there's something. All you have to do is wash, cut, and toss them in good things and then throw them in the oven. Which then proceeds to do all the work for you. Leaving you time to drink more coffee, watch an episode of something, and generally enjoy your weekend morning.

Cumin & Mustard Seed Roasted Potatoes
These potatoes are flavourful and crisp, and will make an excellent side dish to any brunch or dinner. Feel free to play around with the amount of spices to suit your tastes - next time, I think I'd add a pinch of chili flakes for a hint of heat.

6 - 8 Red Potatoes, medium sized
2 - 3 tbsp Olive or Vegetable Oil
2 tsp Cumin Seeds
1/2 tsp Black Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp Ground Cumin
1/2 tsp Garam Masala
1/4 tsp Ground Coriander
Salt, to taste

Serves 4 - 6.

the beginning of good thingssteaming hot
seasoning timelet's bake it up

1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

2. Scrub your potatoes to remove any dirt or debris from the skin. Slice into small cubes.

3. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the potatoes to the boiling water, and cook for 1 - 2 minutes. (This removes some of the starch from the potatoes, so they will bake up nice and crisp.) After parboiling them, drain the potatoes.

4. In a large bowl, mix together the oil and spices. Add in the potatoes and stir until they're evenly coated in the spice mixture.

5. Spread the seasoned potatoes out on the lined baking sheets and bake until browned and crisp, 35 - 45 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

potatoes, spiced & ready to roastoven roasted with cumin & mustard seeds
roasted deliciousness


  1. "I just woke up, it's Saturday, I drank too much wine last night, I really don't want to put on real pants...I need carbs."

    Wooooooooow does that sound familiar. Props to you for taking the time to cut potatoes and use the oven; my post-wine, no-pants go-to is typically just plain ol' toast or oatmeal with an egg and hot sauce. These look delicious.

    1. I think it's one of those near-universal life experiences. Although, trust me, if I'd gone over my limit the night before, these potatoes would never have occurred, nor would I have likely gotten out of bed before 2 pm.

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Haha, my saturday mornings are very similar. I never would have thought to roast potatoes in the morning (I generally try to avoid the oven before I'm fully awake) but they really are so easy, and when you need carbs, you need carbs! Your recipe looks delicious, will definitely be trying it soon (perhaps not for breakfast, but we shall see). :)

    1. I only thought of it because I really wanted potatoes, but wanted to avoid the labour involved in making homefries.

      Thanks - and let me know if you try the recipe! I hope it turns out for you. :)