Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chewy Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies

Soft & Chewy GF Oatmeal Cookies gluten free tower
I've actually been holding out on you with these cookies. Not because I enjoy being witholding, but because when I made these, it was insanely hot outside and I didn't think telling you to turn on an oven and produce extra heat in your place of living would be much appreciated. Why I did just that in order to make these very cookies, I know not. It was at night and I had a baking craving and when those strike there is nothing you can do but bake it out.

So I turned on the oven and dealt with the consequences. I sweated and ate cookie dough, then I fed people cookies. In the end, I think it worked out alright.

Even so, they did not seem seasonally appropriate, and I held off. But now the leaves are turning, the air is crisper, people are wearing fashionable (and unfashionable) coats, Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes - which all point to one thing: fall is here.

And so now, at long last, I bring you these gluten free oatmeal cookies, because there's just something warm and comforting about an oatmeal cookie that makes it seem best suited for chilly autumn mornings alongside a cup of coffee. And that's as poetic as I'm going to get for this post, so go make some cookies!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Israeli Inspired Salad

a bowl full of summer

I'm always talking about how I'm trying to eat more vegetables or even claiming that I am eating more vegetables - it is a continual struggle and alternately a source of pride for me. By which I mean, if I do manage to get an impressive amount of veggies into my diet for a day, or even a week, I feel damn proud. Proud enough that, if I had the tools, I'd make a T-shirt to celebrate: I ATE MY BROCCOLI AND LIKED IT. Printed in big, bold capital letters. It would draw attention to my chest. Which is not the end goal of eating vegetables, but if you wear a shirt with large print on it, this is what happens. I'm going to move on now and pretend that last bit didn't get written.

Right. VEGETABLES. Are awesome. Really, I mean it, even though you'd think from all the whining I do on this subject that I despise them or am working through some kind of phobia. No, this is not true at all - I really do love vegetables, I'm just on such a weird eating schedule all the time that I find it difficult to have vegetable-themed meals, unless I stick them in a smoothie. See, I have this thing about vegetables: they are for lunch and dinner, but never breakfast, unless they're potatoes in the form of hash browns, sweet potatoes or carrots cooked in oatmeal, or spinach in a smoothie. Or omelettes, too. Okay, yes I can eat vegetables in the morning, but I prefer not to. And I definitely can't bring myself to eat crunchy, fresh vegetables first thing - I mean come on, who ever ate a salad for breakfast? If you're eating a salad for breakfast there's something wrong with you.

But lunch and dinner - these are the times for fresh, crunchy vegetables, of which there are so many still around at this time of year, though the time for garden vegetables is fast coming to a close. Alas! But, the days are still hot, the farmers' markets are still open, and so I can still load up on crunchy freshness. I love salads that are full of crunch; they hold up better to dressings and don't get soggy if you store them in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

The simplicity of this salad is what makes it so wonderful - it highlights the freshness and flavour of the ingredients, which you can switch up according to the season and your own tastes. I like to add chickpeas to bulk it up, but spelt or wheat berries would be a nice addition as well if you want this for a main dish rather than a side.