Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silky Chocolate Pudding

bottom of the bowl

So I fell off the face of the blogosphere for a while, and I apologize. April was a weird month. It was final paper season. Paper a strange time. It turns us students into hermitic, caffeine-consuming, library/apartment dwellers. We retreat from the world, shy away from the sun and stare at computer screens for hours. And watch cat videos on youtube.

And so, for the month of April, I turned into a hobbit: I lived in the dark with the blinds down, barely left the apartment, and ate almost constantly. So I guess I was more like a well-fed Gollum. In the beginning, I attempted to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Groceries were bought. I put on pants. But these things lost importance. Pants lost importance. Pajama pants became infinitely preferable.

Exercise? A thing of the past. If I ran up the stairs in my apartment energetically once or twice I felt like I had put in a good day's worth of cardio.

My sleeping schedule went crazy. My diet went crazy. I made experimental crepes. I ate said crepes. Many of them. My coffee intake increased. One night, during a particularly long night of paper writing, I ate an entire bag of tortilla chips. But they were pretentious organic tortilla chips claiming they were nutritious. Which makes consuming them totally okay. Right?

But this period of my life is over, thank god. A whole month of procrastination and ridiculously late nights. And chocolate pudding. Did I mention I made a lot of chocolate pudding? Because I did that too. Only it was a lot more nutritious than a bag of tortilla chips. Even pretentious tortilla chips.

This version of chocolate pudding is no-bake, vegan, and healthy. And it's extremely simple to make and delicious. I swear - I even have multiple testimonies to back me up! It will fool even the biggest sugar junkies. And if you whip up a batch - or two - it won't be completely terrible if you eat it all.

the mighty date nature's candy

Silky Chocolate Pudding
Making pudding with avocado has become pretty popular, and no wonder! The avocado adds a silky richness, not to mention a major nutritional boost. However, if you leave out the avocado, you'll have a delicious and all-natural chocolate sauce on your hands, to pour on ice cream, or even on your morning oatmeal if you care to start the day with a little indulgence.

1 cup Pitted Dates, packed
2 1/2 cups Hot Water
1/4 cup Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1 Ripe Avocado
1 tsp Vanilla (optional)

Makes approximately 3 cups.

cocoa powder avocados, a.k.a. butter fruit

1. Sort through dates to make sure all the pits have been removed. Measure them and add to a blender, then pour the hot water over the dates. Let them soak for 10 - 15 minutes.

2. After the dates have soaked, add the cocoa, salt, and vanilla, then the flesh of the avocado. Blend on high until smooth, pausing to stir or wipe down the sides of the blender as needed.

3. Pour the pudding into an airtight container, transfer to the fridge, and let it set for 2 - 3 hours. You can eat it warm, but I find the flavour comes through much better when it's cold. It will keep in the fridge for at least 5 days - if it lasts that long!

chocolate pudding, the healthy way


  1. I haven't been a student for a couple of years (although heading back in September) but I can totally sympathize with the ridiculousness that is April- the pajamas, the messy hair, youtube and junk food. I even look at it fondly now :) Although I'm sure when it comes around again, as it will I will be wondering how could I be crazy enough to have gotten nostalgic about it?

    At least is sounds like you at some delicious food! That pudding looks awesome :)

    1. Best of luck with your new studies! Hopefully you will be able to avoid the descent into crazy at the end of terms - I always tell myself that I will learn from the past and get my assignments and papers done ahead of time and avoid all-nighters...but no. But no doubt, when I manage to enter into the real working world, I'll get nostalgic about my unstructured, pajama-ed graduate school days as well. :)

  2. Welcome back - and congratulations on making it out alive, haha!

    I've seen a lot of 'avocado chocolate puddings', but I must say yours looks like the best. Definitely something I'll have to try one of these days. :D

    1. Thanks - and I hope you enjoy the pudding if you ever try it out!

  3. As a fellow grad student currently clinging to sanity during finals season, I both thank you and curse you for this post. On one hand, I have several avocados clinging to life sitting in the fridge, and I'm sure this will be quite delicious. On the other hand, being in the midst of finals, I'm also sure I will consume several batches of this at once. This recipe, and your whole blog, were a timely find today; I now have a reason to look forward to dessert tonight and a way to entertain myself during this prolonged lecture on the physiology of urination. You have great wit and style!

    1. Thank you very much! :)

      And if it makes you feel any better, this pudding never lasted much more than a day in my fridge. I consumed it all usually within the course of a day. Faced with the option of having a proper meal or eating chocolate pudding...well, pudding was just easier.

  4. Oh gosh, I lauged my way through this post (which I found through foodgawker). Honey, you have now made it to my list of favorites! I´m looking forward to coming back here!

    Hope that the paper turned out great and with not to many chocolatey stains...;)

    /Elenore at

    1. Thanks so much! I love being on favourite lists. :P And the papers are all handed in now, sans chocolate stains, shockingly. I marvel at it myself.

  5. Such a good feeling knowing that other students are living/lived the lifestyle I am currently experiencing. It's weird. I'll let you know how this pudding comes out, i'm in an avacado phase !

    1. Student lifestyle FTW! Only...not really. Or at least, not always. We'll pull through this! And I hope you like the pudding!

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  7. this sounds incredible!! I love silken tofu and avocado for adding creaminess to things but I haven't ever thought to add them together. Must try!!