Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Super Green Smoothie

going green

Continuing with the spinach theme, here's breakfast! Or dessert. Or a meal in a blender that isn't soup. Yup, I've jumped on the Green Monster bandwagon. I know, spinach in a smoothie, it sounds like the kind of genius culinary idea a three year old would have, with as much chance of success. But wait! It works - and is totally sneaky. Like James Bond, spanx, and camouflage jackets. This is how to make toddlers eat greens, the ones who consider broccoli florets better suited for projectiles than digestion. They would eat the greens and never even know.

Not that you need to be sneaky about eating greens. Sometimes you just have a ginormous bag of spinach in your fridge that forces you to use spinach at every conceivable opportunity. So I throw handfuls in my breakfast. Or make saag. Or salad. Either way, I've been eating a lot of spinach. It's all part of my plan to Be Amazing At Life. I'll make it happen.

Step 1: Eat ridonculous amounts of spinach.
Step 2: Become capable of waking up at 7 a.m. Or 8 a.m. Possibly 8:25.
Step 3: Buy pretty shoes.
Step 4: Get a hair cut.
Step 5: Make a exercise plan. Follow through!
Step 6: Live in a place with matching furniture.
Step 7: Get a puppy. Name it after an obscure literary reference.
Step 8: Think of five more steps. Then write a 12-Step ebook and sell it on the interwebs. Become rich, buy a boat, and wear pirate shirts. And a captain hat. Commune with dolphins. Snorkel.

...I need a life. Badly. I'll just stick to eating spinach for now.

Super Green Smoothie
The avocado makes this smoothie rich, silky and filling, while the addition of blackstrap molasses and spinach makes for a double dose of iron.

1 cup Soy Milk (or Almond, Coconut, etc.)
1 tbsp Blackstrap Molasses
1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)
1/2 an Avocado
2 cups Loosely Packed Spinach
1 Frozen Banana
1 cup Frozen Mango Chunks
1/2 cup Frozen Pear Chunks

Serves 1.

1. Pour milk into a blender, and add the rest of the ingredients in the order listed. Blend on high until smooth, stopping to stir and scrape down the sides as needed. Serve immediately and enjoy!

avocado for smoothie, yo the almighty spinach
frozen mango blend it up


  1. Was the "get a puppy. Name it after an obscure literary reference" inspired by Lianne?

    1. No. I've always wanted to give pets literary reference names. It's partly why I want pets - so I can give them pretentious names.

  2. Love this post - your personality really shines through and I totally identify with all those steps ;) (esp. the dog one, I've been trying to choose a name from Harry Potter that wouldn't be completely obvious) Great recipe too, I love green monsters :)

    1. Thanks! :) Maybe name the dog after a thing. Like Butterbeer. That would make a fantastic fat cat name, I think.

  3. I love the idea of putting molasses in the smoothie for extra iron (what I need more of!)

    And your list, haha, you totally cracked me up! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!

    1. Blackstrap molasses is my favourite! I put it in all my smoothies, and it's great in porridge. And cookies. Cookies count for iron too, right?
      And I'm glad my random weirdness is good for something! ;)

  4. i can't wait to go home from college so i can have a blender again!!
    i'm dying to make this smoothie!

    1. Oh man, I couldn't live without my blender - how do you survive? I definitely encourage you to invest in a blender - you won't regret it! But I do hope that once you're back home and in the vicinity of a blender, you enjoy the smoothie. :)

  5. Haha - I have a list that looks very similar! Also, I love throwing together green smoothies, but have never tried using molasses as a sweetener. Such a great idea, will definitely have to try that!

    I just found your blog via foodgawker, by the way, and am absolutely loving it. Following! :)

    1. Lists ftw! They make me feel like I'm being productive and all grown-up...without actually doing anything. Although they do help to clarify things. Like how I really need to do more than just eat spinach to succeed at life.

      And thanks! :) I am so glad you enjoy my ramblings - my ego feels stroked. ...That is not meant to sound as creepy as it does.

    2. Ha! That does sound creepy, but it also sounds like something I would say, so I can't complain. :P

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  7. mmm love me some green smoothie, mango and pear sound great in a smoothie too ;) Do you think you'd be interested in submitted your photos to my food gallery site: http://www.healthfreakfood.tumblr.com it's fast growing and features many beautiful photos of healthy, fresh, whole food dishes such as yours.

  8. Dear Liz,

    I just discovered your blog and greatly enjoyed your witty and ironic-yet-truthful writing. Hats off as well for your healthy twist to the palak paneer! I can relate very well to the way you describe your moods and plans and the simultanious shrinking from the enormousness of the tasks on ones list. I have done my dose of research on eating healthy etc. recently and have come across "Potatoes not Prozac" by Kathleen DesMaisons which struck me with a very familiar description of craving all kinds of sweet foods and of the sleepiness and lack of drive that often follow. The title might be a little stagy but the lady really seems to know what she is writing about.
    Anyway, thanks for all the delicious recipies and the heartwarming posts!

    Regards from Germany,

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, Anna! I'm truly touched you enjoyed my writing and my recipes - I live to (force) feed others, so I'm always happy to hear back from people.

      The book certainly sounds interesting, and I certainly have a sweet tooth, although my general philosophy about eating is: "Don't be crazy." (Although, of course, I always feel like I should be eating more spinach and green things.)

      Thanks again for stopping by! :)

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