Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Super Green Smoothie

going green

Continuing with the spinach theme, here's breakfast! Or dessert. Or a meal in a blender that isn't soup. Yup, I've jumped on the Green Monster bandwagon. I know, spinach in a smoothie, it sounds like the kind of genius culinary idea a three year old would have, with as much chance of success. But wait! It works - and is totally sneaky. Like James Bond, spanx, and camouflage jackets. This is how to make toddlers eat greens, the ones who consider broccoli florets better suited for projectiles than digestion. They would eat the greens and never even know.

Not that you need to be sneaky about eating greens. Sometimes you just have a ginormous bag of spinach in your fridge that forces you to use spinach at every conceivable opportunity. So I throw handfuls in my breakfast. Or make saag. Or salad. Either way, I've been eating a lot of spinach. It's all part of my plan to Be Amazing At Life. I'll make it happen.

Step 1: Eat ridonculous amounts of spinach.
Step 2: Become capable of waking up at 7 a.m. Or 8 a.m. Possibly 8:25.
Step 3: Buy pretty shoes.
Step 4: Get a hair cut.
Step 5: Make a exercise plan. Follow through!
Step 6: Live in a place with matching furniture.
Step 7: Get a puppy. Name it after an obscure literary reference.
Step 8: Think of five more steps. Then write a 12-Step ebook and sell it on the interwebs. Become rich, buy a boat, and wear pirate shirts. And a captain hat. Commune with dolphins. Snorkel.

...I need a life. Badly. I'll just stick to eating spinach for now.