Monday, March 19, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

at the breakfast table

Last weekend was Daylight Savings - or, technically, the switch from Daylight Savings to Normal Time. Meaning I lost an hour of sleep, making me angry, and even less motivated to drag myself out of bed in the morning, despite having umpteen things I need to/should do. (Story of my life.)

The morning is a conflicted time for me. On the one hand, I love the morning. The whole day is before you, it's often cooler, I am more motivated to do things, and there's a general sense of...hope? possibility? during that early part of the day. On the other hand, lounging in bed, daydreaming amongst my three pillows (this is the crucial and necessary number of pillows for optimum comfort) is also the most relaxing, stress-free part of my day. It's a state both mental and physical I find very hard to leave. And so the following internal conflict ensues:

I need to get up. Get up Liz. If you don't get up, you will get up late and be depressed because you didn't get up now and when you do get up, you'll think, "If only I'd gotten up when I should have gotten up I would be dressed, breakfasted and probably be doing something productive right now!" Get. Up.

In fifteen minutes. Before nine o'clock. Even if I wake up at 8:55, that will still be early enough to make me feel like a proper adult. These pillows are so comfortable...all people should sleep with three pillows.

(Glancing at the clock.) Oh my god, it's already nearly nine. Get UP.

Ugh. So comfortable. No...five more minutes. Just five.

I should get up. I don't want to get up. I should just get up. Just get up and make the bed, just do it. Just get up. Just throw off the comforter...let the air wake you up...while still lying down. Then get up.

I'll just turn over and close my eyes, just for another fifteen minutes...or so.

(Period of unconsciousness. Eventually rolls over and sees the clock.)

It's 10 o'clock. Ten o'clock. Sh*^! That happened so quickly. Too quickly. I time-travelled. No other explanation. Or I'm dreaming. If I just close my eyes again, I'll wake up properly and it will only be 9:30, and that won't be so bad.

See? See what happens when you don't listen to your Responsible Voice? And now you're going to lie here and feel frustrated about not getting up when you wanted to get up still while not getting up. You are perpetuating a vicious cycle!

Or something like that.

I had started writing this with the intention of talking about how the weather (here in Toronto at least) took a decided turn for the warm as soon as Daylight Savings switched off, and how my morning smoothie has been serving the function of not only nourishing me, but cooling me off (because it's warm, and blow-drying and straightening hair does nothing but increase overall body temperature). But instead I scripted my morning neurosis. That happened.

Okay. Well. Here's some breakfast. Start the day off right. By eating well, not fighting with yourself, I mean.

(And three pillows. Seriously. Invest. Sleep like pregnant women do. Only without being pregnant. Unless you are pregnant. In which you were.)

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie
Quick, delicious, healthy, and vegan too! What's not to love? You could also easily make it a chocolate strawberry smoothie, just switch out the raspberries for strawberries, or any other fruit you fancy.

1 cup Soy Milk (or other milk of your choice)
1 tbsp Blackstrap Molasses (optional)
1 heaping tbsp Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Vanilla (optional)
1 Banana (fresh or frozen)
1 heaping cup Frozen Raspberries

Serves 1.

1. Pour milk into a blender, add molasses, cocoa, vanilla, then banana and raspberries, and blend on high until smooth and creamy, pausing to scrape down sides as needed.


chocolate raspberry smoothietastes like dessert


  1. I totally have that exact same battle with myself every single morning, especially in the last few months since I graduated! Getting out of bed is the worst. If this smoothie was waking me up though, it would certainly help! :)

    1. I hope it helps get you over that awful morning struggle! I do sometimes use the prospect of breakfast to lure myself out of bed. It is not always successful though...

  2. What a unique combo...I bet this will be really delicious!

  3. OH MY GOSH! This is seriously so good. Just made one myself!

  4. I felt like you were just narrating my exact morning routine!! Obviously it wouldn't help anything, but then I imagined that if someone handed me a chocolate raspberry smoothie while I was still in bed, I could slowly drink it and wake up, but in reality I would probably just roll back over and sleep even harder. I can't wait to try this though! (I promise I won't have the smoothie in bed) :)

    1. What you eat or drink in your own bed is your business. I won't judge. Although I wouldn't recommend crackers...or popcorn...
      Hope you enjoy your smoothie, though, wherever you choose to eat it! :)

  5. That looks so yummy. I wish I had raspberries in the freezer. I'm for sure book marking this for later.

  6. Hahahaha! You just scripted my morning dilemma! Though I can't afford to fall back asleep an hour, or I'll be fired! Am definitely going to make this. Then decide if the thought of having it in the morning is enough to get me out of bed just that tad earlier, which makes all the difference between rushing about like a mad woman and actually having time for breakfast.

  7. Instead of molasses can I use honey or maple syrup??

    1. Of course! The blackstrap molasses is completely optional - I love adding it to smoothies because it's full of iron and adds a little extra sweetness.