Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

no hunting
om nomKeetah on a leash
snowy trailsnowflakes and dog face
walking in winterblue birches

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Skor Bars

layers of deliciousness homemade skor bars

So Christmas is essentially over. Most of you are now probably suffering from turkey and stuffing induced comas, or are in the process of recovery, and have already dug out the sweatpants of shame from that dark corner of the closet. In any case, I hope everyone has enjoyed this past day, in whatever way, in gluttony or otherwise, and that it was full of laughter and love. Or, if your family is anything like mine, it was full of danger and pain - the kind of danger and pain that comes of attempting to have a fondue fest, which, theoretically speaking, seems like an awesome idea, but when made into a reality, turns into survival of the fittest, in which a group of people, armed with sharp and pointy objects, crowded around a stove in a kitchen corner, fight for the space to cook their food in pots of boiling hot oil. As it turns out, combining starving people, fork swords, small spaces, and boiling oil, results in a kind of turmoil that leads to burns, blisters, and a great deal of confusion.

I'm pretty sure my grandfather had no idea what the hell was going on - he stood in the kitchen, staring at the violence taking place around the stove, looking confused and lost, as if he was wondering where the food was and if he had wandered into the wrong house and been taken in by a group of actors now rehearsing the opening scene of Macbeth. I myself remained in the safety of the living room, drinking tea and eating a balanced dinner of Ferrero Rocher (all three flavours!).

I had fun, I hope you did too.