Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast, or What to Do with Leftover Hummus

Well I'm back from university, freshly graduated with a BA that's good for hanging on my wall but not much else. I suppose when the weather gets hot I can fan myself with it, but the fact remains that I am, once again, living in my parents' house, surfing over adult responsibilities like rent, utilities, and grocery bills. But, while I may be stuck in a town that is so deep in the middle of Nowhere, Canada that the nearest Tim Horton's is a three hour drive away, I also have access to a fully stocked kitchen and pantry, so that, when I'm not obsessively watching tv or refreshing Facebook in a vain attempt to simulate a social life, I'm in that kitchen, attempting to concoct edible things that I can pawn off on parents, dinner guests, coworkers, and the few friends of mine who return to this desolate corner of the earth.

And then there's the ultimate pawn-off event that, fortunately, crops up during the summer more than any other time of year: the potluck barbeque. The appearance of such an event in the rather bleak calendar of my summer life is always a cause for celebration. Not so much for the event itself, necessarily, but because it generally means one very important thing for me: I can make an excessive amount of food, guilt free. I can make something, like a cake, and not be haunted by its overwhelming presence in the fridge or freezer. I will not be burdened with an excess of leftovers, or, even worse, have to curtail my future experiments because I've already occupied so much space in the fridge or freezer - or, crucially, not have to worry about potentially eating all or most of what is probably made of butter and sugar and chocolate and risk spiraling into a pit of despair. Or diabetes.

So there was a backyard barbeque this past weekend. But, contrary to all rules of nature, I did not make a dessert. (Well, that's not quite fair - I enjoy cooking, I'm just a much better baker. And eating cookie dough, while it has a very destructive effect on my self-control, is so much fun.) Instead, I made hummus. And, if I had measured things, and taken pictures, or had used a recipe, I would share that hummus with you. I, however, as with most things I make, didn't even think to measure my ingredients. What I can tell you is that I used dried chickpeas (canned chickpeas have a suspicious taste that reminds me of canned ham) which I soaked and cooked myself, plain yogurt, tahini, cumin, ground coriander, and roasted garlic. When I make hummus again, I shall endeavour to record how I do it so that I can share it with you.

But this post is not so much about hummus, as what you can do when you have an excess of it. Because I made a lot, and even though it was a hit at the barbeque, and people even took some home with them, I was still left with at least two cups of it at the end of the day. So, without further ado, I present to you my solution to having an abundance of hummus.

Hummus on Toast with Cucumber and Tomato
(This isn't so much a recipe as a suggestion - it's open to all sorts of variations)

2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread, Toasted
Hummus (any kind should do)
1 Tomato
Cilantro (optional)
Salt & Pepper

1. I can't even believe I'm going to write this: Slice bread and toast it. (It's not that I don't think you couldn't figure this out on your own, it's just for formality's sake. Because this step really is crucial.)

2. Slice your tomato and cucumber thinly (a serrated knife works best - honestly, I find our bread knife slices tomatoes better than any other knife). If you slice the cucumber really thin, I find you can fit about six slices on each piece of toast.

3. If using, chop cilantro (or other herb of your choice - parsley, thyme, etc.). If using a leafy herb, like cilantro or parsley, bunch it up for easier chopping.

4. Once your bread is toasted, slather it with hummus - just load it on, be good to yourself. Then sprinkle each slice with cilantro, then layer on the cucumber and tomato slices. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

I've had this for breakfast all week, and only today managed to finish up my hummus. But I guarantee this is a delicious way to enjoy hummus, for breakfast, lunch, a snack, hell, have it for dinner. Have it on a wrap, put it on Ryvita, or make tea sandwich versions of it and watch the royal wedding* over again (because clearly the world has not obsessed over this event enough). If you're like me, you'll watch it just so you can laugh at the funny hats.

*This is in fact the only version of the royal wedding I would ever recommend watching. Personally, I find it sad that neither Kate, William, nor the queen thought to incorporate this in the real thing (which I did not in fact watch, though I did see clips, as my mother refused to let me turn off the television.)

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  1. nom! i am also a frequent eater of leftover hummus for breakfast. red bell peppers go really well with this sandwich too for the tomato sensitive/variety lovers.