Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Day of Cookies

I have this habit of writing blog posts in my head, always with the intention that somehow, I'll write them down in the real world, but as the last few weeks can attest to, that rarely happens.

So I must confess, these cookies were baked almost two weeks ago, and I'm sorry for waiting this long to share them with you. Because these are damn good cookies. Damn good in the classic cookie sense. No finicky ingredients, no 24-hour egg white resting periods or fillings to worry about, just good ole' wholesome cookies that will put a smile on anyone's face. Which is why two weeks ago, I spent my day-off baking these cookies for my "little cousin" (who has somehow put a foot between my head an his in the last two years) for his high school graduation, just because I'm nice like that. And may also enjoy snacking on cookie dough. All day. (And then eat celery in a vain attempt to make the sugar hurting go away. And then contemplate going on a diet of cucumber. Contemplate being the key verb.) But thankfully, after baking up almost 100 cookies, they were packed up and driven a convenient six hours away to feed my cousins (who are boys, who are always hungry), thus putting a safe distance between them and me.