Friday, June 18, 2010

My Morning Gruel

Being back home for the summer, I naturally tend to do a lot less cooking for myself, having two parents to do it for me. However, I still manage to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen. Only I'm rarely cooking anything that has nutritious value or is meant to fuel me through the day. No.

Instead, I can usually be found in the kitchen (often after midnight) baking up a batch of cookies, realizing that peanut butter and butterscotch would taste like heaven sandwiched between bittersweet chocolate wafer cookies, and not to mention an incident I had with peanut butter crispy bars. (Which I like to call squares de la petite mort for self-explanatory reasons. For which reasons you should never make them. Ever. Because you'll find yourself inexplicably drawn to them at four in the morning, and when you finally do wake up from your sugar coma with diabetes, you'll have more for breakfast, and then you'll keel over, and die. Don't do it.)