Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obligatory Launch Post (This sounds like it could use a rocket ship.)

So after obsessively following food blogs and baking obscene amounts of goods over the past year (that my student budget should never have allowed), I've decided to jump on the blog wagon and share my own food adventures with the world. Here's hoping it won't worsen my baking addiction, an addiction which is no friend to any student's wallet (or waistline).

However, my food crazy goes beyond chocolate, icings, peanut butter and cookies. I am also a "health freak" despite my weakness, which almost constantly sometimes leads me to delving into bags of chocolate chips or making a rendezvous with a jar of peanut butter and just a spoon to accompany me (and that's only when my finger can no longer do the scooping for me). So I'm almost bi-polar when it comes to diet, often consuming disgusting amounts of sugar while also obsessing over the amount of protein and nutrients I'm getting. I am slowly learning to strike a balance in my diet, and also to cook (and especially bake!) with more wholesome and nutritious ingredients.

Basically, I love food. It's kind of awesome. And now I can share my food crazy even more -- huzzah!


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